About Hat and Halo

Inspired by a seriously lengthy search for a gorgeous, unique headpiece I could wear to Ascot, I launched Hat and Halo with two simple goals in mind – to transform the hat rental experience and make stylish millinery effortlessly accessible for all. 

I imagined someone just like me excitedly planning an outfit for a special occasion. They’re confident in their personal style and love putting a look together. I wanted to help them find exactly what they were searching for – a stylish headpiece at a decent price point. Not the sort of thing you’d find on the high street or at a department store. I mean the kind of headpiece you’d expect to see on Zara Tindell or the Princess of Wales. Fashionable, elegant and refined.       

More importantly, I wanted them to be able to rent it quickly and easily from the comfort of their bed with their favourite show playing in the background! No intimidating consultations and no appointment necessary. Just a friendly, welcoming space online where efficient, personal service is a priority. 

Hat and Halo is this vision made real. Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here. 

Parveen x

Hat and Halo Collection

The Hat and Halo rental collection is small and perfectly formed, expertly curated and growing all the time. Whether you’re off to the races, attending a wedding, or navigating the dress code for an event at Buckingham Palace, the perfect fishing touch is just a few clicks away. 

Renting a headpiece is more sustainable, especially if you’re putting together a look for a one-off event or special occasion. As well as being good for the environment, renting also benefits your wallet. Choosing to borrow a Hat and Halo headpiece rather than buy will save you around 2/3 of the RRP.


Large, classic and formal. Perfect for Ascot, weddings and anytime you want to make a statement! 


Modern and fun, designed to sit forward on the head and be worn at an angle. Perfect for race days and stylish weddings.


Simple, elegant headpieces with a luxe finish and feel. Perfect for weddings, christenings and emulating the younger royals!